The Arthur Carmazzi Group Companies

The Arthur Carmazzi Brand Promise:

Bring intelligence and productivity into your life. Whether you are managing an organization or traveling. The Arthur Carmazzi brand is for people who have or want a diverse lifestyle, seek success in their work, their relationships and value their time. We are ambitious and like to learn and grow. The Arthur Carmazzi Brand supports us to harness the power of the human brain and spirit and be more effective by conquering our environment and the personal and business relationships within them, living a lifestyle of diversity, relaxation and productivity, and mastering ourselves and the barriers that would stop us from achieving our goals.

The Arthur Carmazzi Brand Philosophy:

Through knowledge, tools, and lifestyle support, the Arthur Carmazzi brand is supports a life of productivity and success. We believe that technology is more than machines and extends to how to maximize the efficiency of human beings. Through the creation of Psychology based “Human Technology” and products and services that improve the quality of life while improving personal and organizational effectiveness, Arthur Carmazzi helps create a life that is more fulfilled, more productive and more competent to reach personal and organizational objectives. We believe that Environment is directly related to success in life and by helping create, support and improve our environment, which we not only increase our productivity, but help ourselves and others to be more of who we want to be and live how we want to live. We believe that helping others to reach greatness is the foundation for our own.

The Brands

The Arthur Carmazzi Foundation Brand

Arthur Carmazzi established the Arthur Carmazzi Foundation in 2003 to reflect his heartfelt commitment to give back to the community by “helping misunderstood young people do great things” through research and education. Due to Arthur’s history and even current handwriting..

The Directive Communication Psychology Brand

This brand is the methodology for change, the foundations of understanding group dynamics and how we as individuals affect our environment to manifest many of our own problems. it is used to enhance training, retention of material, implementation of concepts and the application to organizations for better and more effective work environments as well and personal relationships.

The Directive Communication brand also has multiple sub-brands. These are:

The Arthur Carmazzi Speaker/Trainer Brand

As the founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, its tools and instruments, and creator and designer of the 1bag and Avalon brands, Arthur Carmazzi becomes the name of choice for midrange speakers and mid to high range trainers in the areas of Leadership and Organizational Culture Change.

The Avalon Brand

Avalon is the first of a series of resorts dedicated to corporate retreats and business development with a unique travel and rejuvenation experience. The design of Avalon is a fusion between ancient and modern, with the villas built into the stone cliff, ancient carvings and wooden fixtures are merged with modern style and convenience. Even the stairs are carved into the cliff. The focus of the resorts is Business and Personal Evolution and the resort supports individuals and organizations to reach their personal and organizational success objectives through the following parameters:

The 1bag Brand

The Carmazzi 1bag is a scalable laptop bag/backpack system that provides travelers with absolute flexibility in size, style, configuration and function. Every component is compatible with every other and users are able to design what they need, when they need it in any personal or professional occasions. The “1bag tablet” is a tablet version of the 1bag that also can connect to the original or stand alone.