The 1bag Brand

The Carmazzi 1bag is a scalable laptop bag/backpack system that provides travelers with absolute flexibility in size, style, configuration and function. Every component is compatible with every other and users are able to design what they need, when they need it in any personal or professional occasions. The “1bag tablet” is a tablet version of the 1bag that also can connect to the original or stand alone.

The 1bag system contains the basic set and 22 options. The possible combination of all these options can give the user almost 300 different bag configurations to suit any occasion. Options include special pockets for mobile phones, travel documents, communication and storage cards and SIMs, power to charge the computer while you are walking, tablets, GPS tracker and more.

1bag tablet
The 1bag tablet be used for a 7” and 10” tablets can accept and use the pockets, straps, handles and accessories of the 1bag or can be a pocket that  attaches to the 1bag itself.

The Brands

The Arthur Carmazzi Foundation Brand

Arthur Carmazzi established the Arthur Carmazzi Foundation in 2003 to reflect his heartfelt commitment to give back to the community by “helping misunderstood young people do great things” through research and education. Due to Arthur’s history and even current handwriting..