Arthur Carmazzi is not only a thought leader in the areas of Training and Development, Leadership and Organizational Culture Change, but is a brilliant actor that keeps audiences entertained and elevated to higher levels of being.

Arthur Carmazzi’s style as a speaker or trainer is more than just lively, it is diverse. Fast paced, suspenseful, reflective, emotional and fun, the Arthur Carmazzi style is all these and more. Whether Arthur is a keynote speaker for an hour or a Certification Trainer for 10 days, clients experience many emotions and realizations while being entertained.

Arthur Carmazzi brand websites include

Arthur Carmazzi Culture Change Leadership Speaker Trainer Consultant This is Arthur’s professional site, here find information and resources on Arthur’s Directive Communication Psychology and its applications to how Arthur Carmazzi personally delivers it. Find his articles and what people say about him. Find information on:

Arthur Carmazzi Personal Website
Arthur’s humble beginnings, his difficulties and his inspirational personal stories can be found here. You will also find more about his family and his travels here. Be inspired by failures that Arthur experienced in finance, love, life and even himself. If you are a human interest writer and want the personal side of Arthur Carmazzi, this is the place to go.

Arthur Carmazzi Training
Sift through all the clutter and find only training outlines and brochures of Arthur Carmazzi training programs, see the testimonials from other participants and what they thought of Arthur’s Training, book training online and ask Arthur questions about his leadership and organizational culture change programs
Arthur Carmazzi Events
Find events around the world being conducted by Arthur Carmazzi and his licensed professional trainers. See dates locations and prices as well as the places to contact the organizers. Also find special deals here for last minute programs or early bird registrations

Interesting Blog posts on Arthur’s Accomplishments
Find out the truth behind many of Arthur’s accomplishments and actions.. such as the truth why he really moved to Asia and the truth about the DC tools…


The Brands

The Arthur Carmazzi Foundation Brand

Arthur Carmazzi established the Arthur Carmazzi Foundation in 2003 to reflect his heartfelt commitment to give back to the community by “helping misunderstood young people do great things” through research and education. Due to Arthur’s history and even current handwriting..