The Avalon Brand

Avalon is the first of a series of resorts dedicated to corporate retreats and business development with a unique travel and rejuvenation experience. The design of Avalon is a fusion between ancient and modern, with the villas built into the stone cliff, ancient carvings and wooden fixtures are merged with modern style and convenience. Even the stairs are carved into the cliff. The focus of the resorts is Business and Personal Evolution and the resort supports individuals and organizations to reach their personal and organizational success objectives through the following parameters:

Business Development – with design, web, and administrative staff on hand, guests of the resort will have access to one support staff for the whole day as a member of the “Avalon Millionaires Club” (the name comes from the member dues of 1 Million Rupiah [about USD110] for 5 days of support). They are only allowed access to the staff as long as they are guests.

Personal and Organizational Development – Arthur Carmazzi and other high profile guest speakers and trainers will be doing short talks at the resort on a regular basis. These talks are free and available to all guests.

Corporate Retreats – the resort is designed to be rented in part or in its entirety by organizations wishing to have retreats and strategic planning sessions. It is equipped with outdoor adventure activities and a training room at the edge of a cliff overlooking the river. Avalon has a capacity of up to 40 pax and is located in Ubud Bali.


The Brands

The Arthur Carmazzi Foundation Brand

Arthur Carmazzi established the Arthur Carmazzi Foundation in 2003 to reflect his heartfelt commitment to give back to the community by “helping misunderstood young people do great things” through research and education. Due to Arthur’s history and even current handwriting..