The Directive Communication Psychology Brand

This brand is the methodology for change, the foundations of understanding group dynamics and how we as individuals affect our environment to manifest many of our own problems. it is used to enhance training, retention of material, implementation of concepts and the application to organizations for better and more effective work environments as well and personal relationships.

The Directive Communication brand also has multiple sub-brands. These are:

Colored Brain
This brand is the profiling model and inventory (CBCI) that identifies the way that our brain processes the world around it, and how that can be used to master better communication and personal success when working with others. The Colored Brain Model is used for Leadership Development, Team Building, Communication Enhancement and Organizational Culture Change. Colored Brain also has niche specific Team Development Programs called TEAMcolors. The sub-brands of Colored Brain are as follows:

Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI)
The CBCI is designed to assist in identifying a persons Colored Brain, the genetic process of interpreting the world. This inventory has 20 questions with 4 parameters per question for a total of 80 nodes of identification.

This brand utilizes the Colored Brain model for one day Team Development programs. These programs deal with the specific communication and cooperation issues from various industry sectors. These one days programs are designed to visibly improve relationships and cooperation, not just do meaningless fun activities. The specific sectors are as follows:

  • TEAMcolors for Oil & Gas
  • TEAMcolors for Hospitality
  • TEAMcolors for the Financial Sector
  • TEAMcolors for IT Professionals
  • TEAMcolors for Construction
  • TEAMcolors for the Food & Beverage Industry

DC Trainer Psychology Certification
This is the brand that perpetuates the brand. DC Trainer certification produces trainers who are qualified to train and deliver DC workshops. Each DC trainer who delivers a DC based workshop or advertises it is reinforcing the Directive Communication and Arthur Carmazzi Brands. These certified trainers have the opportunity to become certified Master Trainers and develop other DC Certified Trainers. This program is regularly done in Bali, India, Egypt, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Change Leadership Lessons from the Monkey King
This brand is based on Arthur Carmazzi’s bestselling Change Leadership book: “Lessons from the Monkey King”, this brand focuses on leaders who want to create visible changes in their organizations. The program teaches processes that have been used in Arthur Carmazzi’s famous “Organizational Culture Revolution” initiatives which show fast visible changes in organizational culture in 80 days.

Arthur Carmazzi’s flagship Personal and Organizational Leadership Program. The HERO’S WAY encompasses the full Directive Communication model and focuses on 7 key competencies all included in each of 7 application modules. The end result being the attainment of an individual specific “Leadership Identity” that brings out the best in each participant according to their own character and strengths rather than standard leadership models they should adopt.

Organizational Culture Revolution
This is the crown jewel of the Arthur Carmazzi Brands because it has the greatest impact and the fastest and most visible results. This consulting initiative is guaranteed to provide companies who meet the criteria to see visible results and culture change companywide in less than 80 days. The program is designed for organizations or divisions with 1200 or less and results become visible in the first 2 weeks of implementation. All DC workshops support this upgrade.

Identity Intelligence
This is the personal development side of Directive Communication psychology. This is the process created by Arthur Carmazzi to enhance personal and professional decisions, relationships, and the personal insights to lead to greater success.

Colored Brain Communication Cards
Although these cards were originally designed to identify and better communicate across Colored Brains, the DC community has expanded their uses to gain better insights in teams, projects and personal decisions. The cards are extensively used for coaching, brainstorming, and creativity development. And in Training, they help give clarity to personal reflections and group discussions.

HDMA (Human Drive Mirrored Assessment
This a 360 degree assessment that identifies the gaps between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Identifying these gaps in different groups such as subordinates, peers and superiors, helps use to determine the areas of improvement that we are not aware of.

The Brands

The Arthur Carmazzi Foundation Brand

Arthur Carmazzi established the Arthur Carmazzi Foundation in 2003 to reflect his heartfelt commitment to give back to the community by “helping misunderstood young people do great things” through research and education. Due to Arthur’s history and even current handwriting..